Thursday, March 11, 2010

Yay for rehearsal day :)

Being on the worship/praise team is one of my biggest blessings....I spent over 30 years thinking I couldn't possibly play IN FRONT OF PEOPLE.....but then: either I hit the big *5-0* and stopped caring what other people think, or, most likely, I changed WHO I was playing FOR :) When it's an *Audience of One*- miraculously there's no more fear :) And as if God wasn't good enough to me already, He allows me the blessing of playing behind my daughter occasionally :) It's spring break time- I have the joy of rehearsing with her tonite and jammin' for Jesus on Sunday! Thank you Abba Father ><>

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  1. I've loved your stamps for the longest time but have just found your blog - oh my goodness - LOVE it!!! Is there any way to get your updates via email - like with Feedblitz???

    I used to purchase your stamps at Pampered Stamper but they're not here any longer - where else can I find them? I'm in Vancouver, do you ever sell from your home?

    Love all the blogs about your church - it sound like a wonderful place.

    Elaine Moore


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