Sunday, March 7, 2010

my helper...

Meet Daisy ( she had that name when we got her...I would have been a little more 'original' picking her name...I had a cat named *Euripides* when I was a kid...but I digress..:) my stamp room helper. Sometimes she just gets jealous, I guess, that I'm not spending time holding her on my lap, so she just barges in and makes herself at home on my desk. Usually it's right in the middle of whatever I'm doing- this time she was gracious enough to patiently wait in the envelope box...but not before she walked across a brown ink pad and left paw prints on the envelopes....hmmn....I'll probably make a 'cat card' to go with those! heheheh. One 'spoiled' critter...just like the rest of us in the household :) ><>

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  1. Hi Sue I popped over from Sally Creative corner to say thank you for the super stamps I won, You have a beautiful blog and stamp shop.
    Love your cat looks so cuddly.

    Hugs Linda


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