Wednesday, November 26, 2008

An Attitude of Grattitude :)

I hope you all have a blessed Thanksgiving day and that you're living a life of gratefulness :) Even when things seem dark & foreboding- we can be thankful that God is on His throne- He Reigns- nothing will ever change that! And the fact that He loves us all so very much and showers us with blessings! Even those who don't believe it yet receive His gifts...I am so thankful for family and friends who love me (or put up with me...heheheh....) and a roof over my head, plenty of food to eat, fresh air to breath, and the ability to understand that it all comes from my Heavenly Father. Happy Thanksgiving!

(almost forgot to tell about the card :)- All stamps are Heart & Soul images. The turkey was embossed with 'copper sparkle' powder on the back of a grocery sack...I love this background paper, and a little maple leaf brad on the corner of the phrase. Pretty simple stuff :)

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

More Blessings...

I love it when you guys send me cards made with Heart & Soul stamps- there are so many amazingly talented & gifted stampers! I tend to get in a stamping 'rut' where most of my cards look somewhat the same....mind you, a 'stamping rut' is better than most any other rut you could fall into.....but I digress :) So I've picked out one that I especially liked- this comes from Michelle Adams- a really cute card made from another of my personal favorites- I love how she masked & colored this one into a whole forest of Christmas love.....Thanks Michelle for the blessing! <>< Sue

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

The Check's in the Mail ! :)

Hey everyone! Just a quick note to say your donations are on their way! You may find out more about where they're headed by going to ; or - here's some other numbers if you want even more information....Hurricane Relief 2008, LCMS World Relief & Human Care, P.O. Box 66861, St. Louis, Mo 63166-6861 toll free: 888-930-4438 or Phew! And on this Election Day 2008 I would like to quote one of my 'edgier' stamps: "God has already blessed America- how about if America blesses God?" My prayer for this day is that God's Will would be done, and the leader He blesses would be elected. Did you vote yet?????????

Sunday, November 2, 2008

TA DAH !!!

First, let me start by saying how awesome stamping people are!I always new it- this just reinforces it....When I had this 'overstock sale' idea, I was so excited about it that the 'downturn' in the economy hadn't been in the forefront of my mind....(not a whole lot of things can make it all the way up there...heheheh) I appreciate that $$ is hard to come by, and EXTRA $$ IS EVEN HARDER TO SCRAPE UP! That being said: 26 of you took the leap of faith and ordered anyway! ( and Kay R. is the 'secret contest' winner- be watching your mailbox Kay :) What I assumed would be a blessing to others, has blessed ME beyond measure. (That's the 'strange economics of grace' in a nutshell :) ) I was so encouraged by all of your emails and birthday wishes. (51! yikes) You gals rock ! ( and I can say gals because the men folks all passed on this opportunity...musta been out in the garage or something...) So our grand total for the month is $463.00 ! and I will 'round it up' to $500 and send a check out tomorrow to the Lutheran Church Missouri Synod Hurricane Relief Fund. I really can't thank you all enough...NOW GO GET STARTED ON THOSE CHRISTMAS CARDS!!! heheheh....P.S. I'm sure that if you all get to 'comparing' you'll find that almost everyone received a 'garden verse' stamp- I have no idea how I ended up with so many of those! P.S.S.- and you all probably think I can't count :) God Bless you as you stamp for Him :) Oh yeah- about the card- One of my personal H & S favorites! Most of my cards have some kind of 'fiber' attached- and I'm into 'tearing' these days...nothing really amazing about it but I like it :)