Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Overstock Sale!

Hey everyone...I've been trying to think of another way to help all the hurricane folks in the Gulf Coast- they need $$$$$$- not my rubber stamps!(They don't actually belong to me anyway...I'm just the steward :) So here's the plan....During the month of October (yes...ALL MONTH LONG !) I'm going to pick from the stamps (UNMOUNTEDS ONLY!!!) that are really overstocked and sell them for 50 cents each! You can send in your order by snail/email like this : "I'd like, say, $20 worth." For ordering information go to -No repeats (unless you order more than I have! ) I'll pay for the shipping, keep track of how much we raise, and the first part of November send a ginormous (hopefully!) check (100% of the orders!) to the hurricane relief efforts connected with my denomination- you can see more at's a few 'hints' to make it even more fun to be involved: the more generous you are, the more generous we'll be :) And I have a birthday in the second half of October...if I receive your order on my birthday you will be especially blessed!!! This will be great! I can make some more room around here...we help some folks who really need it...and you get a great dealio on some rubber...think ahead to Christmas gift giving! OOOH OOOH! I just had another great idea! I think I'll have a 'secret contest' with a special prize for the person who is the most generous! Tell your friends....have them tell their friends....tell your Aunt Fannie.....tell your cat....just kidding.....Let's see what God will do with all of this! Because of Him <>< Sue