Saturday, February 14, 2009

God is good...all the time..... memorial service was really good. I remember thinking to myself while we were playing "what IS that sound"????? and then I's PEOPLE CLAPPING to the beat! ( we're still learning this in my own congregation...heheheh) so it is do-able....I was so blessed to be a part of it...with my beautiful daughter standing in front playing her heart out too :) and the family said they were blessed too. So God is good...all the time....and I only started to 'tear up' once when we played the part of the song...'the God who gives and takes away'......I AM the designated cryer at our church :) Have a great Valentine's Day....and remember the ULTIMATE VALENTINE: John 3:16 <><

Thursday, February 12, 2009

a 'mixed blessing''s Day brings a couple of 'firsts' for me this year....I've been asked to play on the worship team for a memorial service (the 'first' first ) for a young woman who tragically passed away last week- and her parents requested 'upbeat' music ( as compared to the beautiful pipe organ that usually accompanies such occasions) because that's what she liked best! ( me too ) and the songs they chose are probably the same ones I would choose for my own homegoing...I am honored to be asked, and I just love to play- so there will be a real mixture of heartbreak and joy at the same time. Heartbreak for her family- joy for her and that they'll be reunited again some day. The 'second' first is- a memorial service on Valentine's Day! I guess the more I think about it- it's the perfect day to celebrate God's love for His children of all ages and circumstances. So if any of you wanted to send up a prayer for me Saturday- to play my best with the Joy of the Lord in my heart- that would be awesome! ...and what I DIDN'T tell you is....I belong to a Lutheran church, where, bless our hearts, some people have trouble with drums in church on a good day :) let alone a more somber, serious, respectful event like a memorial service. Lord, have mercy!