Sunday, March 30, 2014

oh hail!

We had one of the best hailstorms I can remember yesterday! It was just deafening- so of course I had to go out in it and look :) This is the pile that fell off the roof- the gutters were just overwhelmed and this is where it ran down the valley. It was pouring off in sheets. Being the weather watcher that I am, I loved it all- but mostly because I wasn't trying to drive in it :) 

Monday, March 24, 2014


I made this for a dear friend that I wanted to thank for doing something really sweet for me :) These are the colors of her kitchen, and I'm hoping that she puts it in the windowsill and feels loved whenever she sees it :) The verse is vintage Penny Black and the flowers are SU :) ><>

Thursday, March 20, 2014

Ribbon Bookmarks

Well THESE were just too much fun to make! And easy. And CHEAP! They slip in the spine of a hymnal, Bible, or wherever else you may want to mark multiple pages. I made these for my daughter who is in the *home stretch* of her Family Ministry Degree ~ she'll have lots of things to keep track of when she starts her new career.....and we're just waiting on the Lord to find out where that's going to be :) Speaking of 'waiting on the Lord' ~ there is no greater peace than knowing He has a plan for her life and will place her exactly where she needs to be to glorify Him :) Wouldn't these be a great fundraiser or Sunday School project? I simply cut a little piece of black vinyl, folded it over and rounded the top. Then I tucked the ribbons in and zig zagged the edges. A little Fray Check on the ends of the ribbons, and voila. Easy peasy :) I'm going to take a white marker and leave little messages of love on the tabs. She'll love them ~

Friday, March 14, 2014

O'Recycling again :)

Here's the card I whipped out for my friends....I'm really only Irish for the day :) although, of course we all have ancestors from the 'Old Country', so who's to say I'm not some % Leprechaun? The background paper is some recycled worship folders from my church, the brown is recycled from another project I did awhile ago, and the verse is a one time only stamp I made when I needed more 'filler' on the sheet before I sent it to the rubber presser. Which means it won't be offered in the Heart & Soul catalog. But you could certainly reproduce it and print it out on your computer! Oh yeah, the gold thread is embroidery floss that I got in a huge bag from the Goodwill :) Top O' the morning to ya!