Saturday, September 7, 2013

*ordinary season*

Hey there! I'm still alive and well......Heart & Soul is still very much alive and well.....the only thing that's 'fizzled' is my blogging. So very sorry about that~ I have a dozen reasons, but no real excuses. Seems it's the first thing I let go when the *going* gets tough. And it has been kinda a tough first half of the year. Some real sadness in our family.But now, thankfully, we head into a season of JOY as my son's wedding approaches this fall! 
I wanted to share with you the new liturgical mobile I made this week at church- to celebrate the season within Pentecost of 'growth' - often called the 'ordinary' season :) My friend and worship team leader suggested a 'vine or branches & greenery' theme and I ran completely with it. As usual. Fortunately I have almost every shade of green paper known to woman, so I just cut out a bunch of leaf shapes and taped them to fishing line. I borrowed some branches from the yard. I think it will look neat when the air currents move it gently in a circle. 
Thanks for hanging in there and not giving up on me :)