Monday, September 17, 2012

a blessed day

I made this for my first born's special day today ~ his father & I are so blessed that God Handpicked us to be his earthly parents :) He's a great young man...and I tell people it's *in spite of* our parenting skills ( which, as a first born....well let's face it...we were rookies! :) So naturally, we know that God gets any & all glory :) We have an ongoing fun thing in our family ( Land Cruisers vs. jeeps ) and #1 son is temporarily on the *jeep side* ~ but we're convinced he'll come to his senses soon :) hahaha. He races one in our PNW4WDA that is teal colored, hence the fun colors of this card. If you use your imagination...that's a little fan belt on the right :) Can't recall the stamp companies, but I do know the jeep stamp was one of those really old foam mounted ones. Trust Land Cruiser stamps outnumber the jeep ones 5:1 :) That's all I know ><>

Tuesday, September 11, 2012