Wednesday, October 27, 2010

The view :)

Looking out the back window this morning! The neighbor's maple tree was just glowing in the sunrise :) I'm so thankful for fall- that God paints the earth with so much beauty...and that I have the eyes to see it, and the *sense* to know Who created it all ><>

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Autumn Blessings

I have really been enjoying my latest *organization project* - finally sorted my scraps of cardstock and background papers by color. SO much easier to find and use them up when they're in their own little space instead of thrown into one huge box! I'm inspired :) so I made some cards for friends, out of mostly scraps....The pumpkin is a clear Inkadinkado image from a few years back- the words are from Northwoods. The corrogated paper is a recycled Starbucks cup wrap! I KNEW I've been hoarding those things for a reason! God Bless you on this wonderful Autumn day- and we rejoice with the Chiliean miners who are being reunited with their families today. What a miracle!!!! ><>

Monday, October 11, 2010

My Little Helper....

.....and people wonder why there is cat hair in their stamp orders and cards :) ><>

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

I Always Wanted One of These :) I made one :) It was alot of work and I can see why they are so expensive to buy. Worth every penny! I didn't use wool felt, just the cheap kind. And I think maybe 3 layers was a little much- it's so *lumpy* that I'm not sure it will be a very good doily...but it was fun! And something to do while watching Glee :) ><>

Friday, October 1, 2010

Recycling Christmas :)

Woohoo! October 1st! I'm breaking out the Christmas music :) (Actually, this is true! I just got a new CD called *Oh Come All Ye Faithful* with songs by some of my favorites- putting it in the car today :) But I digress....This card was made from scraps & such- really cleaned out the purple cardstock drawer! Background paper is recycled from the worship folders at my church, run through a CB folder and sanded a little bit to make the flakes stand out. Big snowflake is a diecut, shiny center comes from a Christmas tree garland ( very cheap embellishments!) and the center is from SU. I have a *thing* for snowflakes - and when they're purple it's even more wonderful :) Have an awesome Autumn day ><>