Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Easter Tree :)

So...if you've been following along since last'll know that my poor little dogwood tree also doubles as a *Charlie Brown* tree at Christmas time. My husband says it's embarassed that I hang all this stuff on it....really it's all very light weight and I don't think it's hurting anything...sure makes me smile when I look at it. Of course- I KNOW Easter's not about bunnies, eggs, and chicks...I really should try to hunt down some bright plastic crosses to hang on there next year! *Note to self* ><>


  1. Well, we both know that eggs and bunnies aren't the real meaning of Easter, but that sure is one cute Easter tree. I vote for keeping the Eater tree and adding a free standing cross with a purple drape on it to your yard next year. My friend has a cross like that in her yard and it make's an awesome statement.

    Btw, I bet the tree loves the extra attention. :)

  2. Here they make easter crosses out of small used water bottles (1/2 liter?) - I'll have to find some and take a picture for you.


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