Thursday, February 26, 2015

Retirement Sale update :)

Things are flying out the door :)  There's about 20 images out of stock already ( but out of 1,000 + odds are pretty good that I still have what you want :) Just keeping you posted.....pun intended. Have a great day! 

"Jelly fish" part 2 :)

This week, the words 'repent, return, renew, & reflect were added on small strips of craft paper ( which is actually a roll of paint masking paper I found at the Goodwill!) I should have printed them in black ink- they would have shown up better......trying to conserve ink. Also lots of crosses went up, and some of that black netting that you make poofy wreaths out of. I thought it would be neat, but it was kind of a pain to make it lay flat and not roll back up. Stay tuned for next week's addition :)
This is in the Narthex/entryway of the church. The cross is the same one we cover with flowers on Easter Sunday :) This is my first time using candles with timers ~ now THAT was a useful discovery! TTFN~

Thursday, February 19, 2015

Ash Wednesday

This is the "Lenten Jellyfish" - my fun name for the Sanctuary mobile at church :) This year's is going to be a whole new deal for me- a progressive one that will change each week before the Lenten Services. So I had to start out a little sparser than my normal *over-the-top* craziness! Stay tuned for the updates. All to the Glory of God :)
Last night was the first message from our new Shepherd, Pastor Larson, and what a blessing it was! Such a humble, genuine man with a heart for the Lord! I know, that's kind of a 'pre-req' for clergy, but it's not always the case, sadly. I'm thankful that the Lord saw fit to bring him here, and that lives will be touched because he shares the Gospel with passion :) 
On another note, don't forget to check out my retirement sale-a-palooza- the rubber is flying out the door as we speak! First come, first served as it were. God bless you as you travel the Lenten road to Calvary! 

Friday, February 13, 2015

Guess What?

Yup! I'm retiring! Heart & Soul has been a huge blessing to us for almost 20 years now, and I'm ready to hit the sand with the Mr. and our friends more frequently :) What this means for you, is that I'm having a big ol' *clean out the store* sale!  ( If there WERE a store, that is!)  Ideally, I would love to sell everything to someone who would just take it and run with it, giving it the attention it deserves. If you're that person ( or better yet, group of people) shoot me an email and we'll talk.  If you just want to get a great deal on Heart & Soul Stamps while you still can, go to to see the complete line. ALL IMAGES SOLD UNMOUNTED UNTRIMMED FOR $1.00 each, quantities limited to stock on hand. No mounted stamps in the sale (sorry). Like I said, I'm ready to hit the ground running :)  The sale will continue until things get pretty bare, or travelling season begins. So spread the word, if you would, and don't be surprised if you order and receive a few more than you ordered....heh heh.  
With one foot out the door.......