Monday, March 23, 2009

An AWESOME evening of worship.....


What a night! Went with my daughter's youth group to this- I'ma HUGE Mercy Me & Jeremy Camp fan :) and it was absolutely awesome- the line to get in was about 5 city blocks long x 50 feet wide! $10 tickets and the Memorial Coliseum was sold out! 11,000 people on their feet praising God. Just a tiny foretaste of the things to come, I believe :) So a big thanks to Bart Millard (MM) for following his heart and putting it together. Hawk Nelson, Tenth Avenue North & Addison Road were awesome too. Go if it comes to a city near you :) You'll be forever blessed. <><

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Stimulatin' the Economy.....

Were there ever sweeter words spoken ? *stamp convention* ahhhhh.....

...and in their ( whoever THEY are ) infinite wisdom...there are TWO conventions going on at the same time....something for everyone, apparently :)

I'm glad there WAS a seemed for awhile there that things were dying out in the area...silly me.....there were a lot of people there too! Too much fun...and on top of everything my *baby* girl turns 18 today! Happy Birthday Jackie :) <><

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Happy Birthday Bev !

Today's *fun thing* is a little notebook I made for a friend who is gaga for dogs...especially her "Tex"....I myself am a 'cat person' but my husband has a dog :) which is where I got the Milkbone box from that I cut the cover out of. I used my Tozicle binder ( I LOVE this thing!!!) to assemble the pages after I stamped them.

Here's what the inside looks like- I have reams of this lovely grey paper that I got for *suchadeal*...I stamped this little guy, a fire hydrant, and a bone on random spots and rounded the corners to match the cover. This puppy stamp is an 'old school' "Hooks, Lines & Inkers" image from the early 90's....I told you I've been stamping for awhile :) Notice the cute little bone shaped paper clip ?

Hope you're having an awesome day! <><

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Happy Birthday Leeza!

This is a card for my bestest SIL who just loves the Great Outdoors - getting her fingers in the dirt & growing beautiful things....( I'm so thankful for her!) The background is navy blue cs with the white 'speckles'- I love this stuff :) and I layered some other papers along with a strip of gold metallic that's hard to see....A little embossed sunshine, some cording, a gold leaf & buttons to finish it up. I think she'll like it.....

I have traded rubber with gals for over 10 years and often don't know whom to give the stamp credits to- I apologize for that- I could 'guess' but I don't want to give the wrong info. So there ya have it! Blessings on your day :) <><

Monday, March 9, 2009

A Little Irish...

So this time of year I get a little bit 'Irish'....I think I am actually , like, 1/52 Irish by ancestry...but it's always fun to ramp it up a bit once a year ( and who doesn't love another reason to give away chocolate ?! I KNOW!

I collect bookmarks- so I assume everyone else likes them too, I guess. This Irish Blessing is from 'My Sentiments Exactly' and I doodled around it with a gold pen, then layered it with some greens (you may recognize this paper from my Christmas cards....still trying to use it up :) The shamrock sticker was from Walmart, I think, and I put it inside of a plastic pretzel rod bag...because believe it or not there are actually people who do not appreciate glitter in their books! Too much fun :) and of course my friends will love the mint truffle Hershey's kiss that comes with it :) <><

Bling Kitty.....

So here is one of the new stamps from Heart & Soul - designed by Roxanne @ gingerbread cat ( go to to see more of her great creations!) Pretty straightforward stuff- just stamped her twice and 3-d'd her cute little heart nose- put some pink opal glitter glue on it first. Added some bling to her whiskers and a bow in her fur. It's sure not as purrdy as Dina's card but I was thinking "Spring" even though it is SNOWING outside my window! The inside has another new stamp:
"Well bless your blooming whiskers!"

I seriously need help with my pictures!

thanks for looking <><

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

without much hoopla....

There are a bunch of new stamps at Heart & Soul- just posted tonite by my awesome 'webmasterette' Cyndy ( I hope she doesn't mind that I call her that ) and of course I have been so busy redoing the whole catalog and such that I don't actually have any cards made with the new stamps yet ( this is what happens when you turn a hobby into a don't have as much time for the hobby anymore!) So, and even better, trust me, here is a card that Miss Dina posted on Splitcoast recently....I hope you don't mind that I'm sharing it here too Dina :) but this is as close to 'fanfare' as I can offer right now :) Taaadahhhhhh.........