Monday, May 31, 2010

God Bless....

I made this banner for Memorial Day years ago. Another one of those I used the overhead projector for. If memory serves me (highly unlikely, but hey, it's worth a shot!) I may have used the flag from the SU special set that was issued, I think, after September 11th. You SU'ers can correct me if I'm loopy :) I generated the text on my computer. Drew it all onto some white oilcloth-like fabric, and painted it with acrylic paint. Also wanted to point out one of my favorite *thought provoking* rubber stamps from Heart & Soul: God has already blessed America....How about if America blesses God? and on that note I'll say....have a thoughtful Memorial Day! ><>

Saturday, May 29, 2010

Pentecost....a little late....

I don't know why I didn't post this last week when it actually WAS Pentecost! But at my church, we celebrate the *birthday* of the church for it's all gooood. Right? This is a banner I made years ago. The background is a really shimmery flamey looking fabric- the gold & pink 'flames' are actually little pockets that I stuffed more shimmery-flamey-scarflike scraps in. I liked the whole *3-D* effect. If you're unfamiliar with Pentecost, there is a wonderful telling of it in the Bible, in Acts Chapter 2. Phenominal stuff- better than anything Hollywood has ever come up with! ><>

Friday, May 28, 2010


Taking some extra time this Memorial Day weekend to really tell God how much I appreciate the service men & women who have, do, and will freely give their lives for the rest of us.....hmmn....thank you Jesus for the very same thing! ><>

ps- this image comes from the c28 website- check it out for awesome Christ centered clothing, jewelry and so much more!

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Happy Birthday Jamie :)

I made this for a really sweet gal :) Used a CB folder, sanded it down a little, added some brads to the flowers, a little ribbon (I think this is one of those cards I designed around the ribbon :) and I THINK it's another SU image, but it could be one of those awesome cheap ones from Craft Warehouse. Super fun! ><>

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Blocks of Fun :)

This is a fun project I made for my lovely *probable daughter-in-law* :) I mean almost 100% certain....but there's no pressure :) anyway....she had commented awhile back that she really liked the blocks I had made- so of course I ran with the idea and made her a whole bunch!!! I cut the blocks from a long square piece of wood, and went to the scrap drawer for background papers in *their* colors. The letters were all on a 12 x 12 sheet I have hoarded/saved forever- just perfect! I sanded the edges down with a nail file ( my favorite distressing tool!) and tada. I made enough to spell out Merry Christmas, their names, i love you, peace, welcome home,joy and the rest are random letters so they can spell out whatever they want.Here's a real block's eye view:
She loved them :) ><>

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

*Upcycled* fun...

....or the latest Goodwill treasures :) Can't remember where I got this idea, wasn't mine originally, but I loved it! Got the plate holder at my favorite store (GW) and found plates in the colors I wanted there too. Definitely helps with counter space in the bathroom :) Top rack is *foofy stuff*, middle is *fun stuff*, bottom is *blingy stuff* at half the price ><>

Friday, May 14, 2010

Happy Birthday Cyndy :)

Tonite we celebrated my *webmasterette's* birthday at Chevy's- totally a spur of the moment/last minute plan- those seem to work best for the DH & I :) Great conversation/awesome food...and we resisted the urge to let the cat out of the bag and make her wear the floppy sombrero :) (you're welcome, girlfriend :) Made her some CAS note cards in a bunch of colors...SU tree, my own stash for the rest. I did that little line-around-the-edges-with-a-hash-mark-and-dots thingy that I love to do. Just adds a little sumpin' sumpin'. Half the fun of making stamps is...well..making stamps of anything you want- including my friend's names. Makes a fun gift for them, and I use them over & over again personalizing stuff for them :)

Here's the whole rainbow! ><>

P.S.- I would truly be lost without Cyndy's website maintenance! I am ever thankful for her :)

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Life is a Highway....

Well, THAT title doesn't make much sense. WHO rides a bike on the highway ??? Oh well. More SU used here- I added a little glitter pen to the spokes of the bicycle for some glitz. You probably think it's strange that I post so many cards made with SU, as opposed to MY OWN stamps....I probably need to work on that! heheheh. Have an awesome day- because the Lord made it! ><>

Monday, May 10, 2010

For the Birthday Stash

Another card club creation- all SU stuff here- used that new texture folder- I like that it looks cool on either side ( maybe they all do.....I don't know :) Like the orange colors- going into the card stash :)

Saturday, May 8, 2010

Celebrate Spring!

Here's another card from yesterday's class. Punched the hole in the raspberry CS before gluing to card, then stamped the image through the hole. Almost successfully....heheheh. ><>

Friday, May 7, 2010

More Mommy Love :)

Made this at a SU *Card Club* thingy I try to go to once a month. Gets me out of the house AND stampin'! A two-fer-one in my book :) I believe this is the new coral colored card stock. Interesting color combo- I do like it tho' and am giving it to my dear MIL Sunday- (it's ok...she won't find out because she thinks computers are the devil's tools :) ><>

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Love My Moms :)

Happy almost mom's day :) This was a fun one- used a CB folder for the background, then a SU rose one for the flowers- brayered the wrong side so the white lines show- then cut around it. *Mom* is a Heart & Soul stamp. Hope all of you mommas have a blessed weekend with loved ones....personally I think Mother's Day should be EVERY day :) ><>

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Well THIS makes things easier!

Bought this little gem from Oriental Trading Co. awhile back- just used it this evening for the first time and BOY O BOY does it make charm bracelets easier to do! I'm making some things to put on a friend's table at a local *recycling fair*- this bracelet is made of old Starbucks cards that I cut up, sanded the edges, added an eyelet to each piece, and attached with jump rings. This is my first copper charm bracelet- I think I like it! (Gee...maybe it won't sell....heheheh) There's some 'coffee bean looking' beads, and a lampworked mug on the end. Here's a closer view of the charms & beads....
Hmmn...I'm feeling the need for some java :) ><>

Monday, May 3, 2010

Solid Rock Cafe :)

So this weekend was pretty cool...I played the drums for our children's musical at church, called *Solid Rock Cafe* and of course, rocked His house :) The kids were awesome- 25 of them aged K-5 singing their hearts out for Jesus. The songs are so infectious that I'll be singing them for years to come ( and hopefully- so will they!) ><>