Saturday, September 10, 2016

God's promise

I've been wanting to do something different in the time for our Sunday School 'Rally Day' this weekend. I kept having the rainbow 'pop into' my head.  I usually give the Spirit credit when that happens, 'cause why not? I know this won't be without controversy for's not meant to be a 'social statement' or an ' endorsement' of anything other than the lavish love of God. The center is black, and the spectrum surrounds it. I checked with Pastor and the Worship leader before I went ahead with my idea, as they're probably the ones who will have to deal with any potential flak :) Of course they both gave great responses- like "God saw our sin and answered with a beautifully colored promise" and "what a great way to point people to God's Love"... the beauty of it all was that I already had all the materials....just stored in different liturgical boxes :)  and it coordinates nicely with the wall hanging I put up a few weeks ago....see previous post :)