Sunday, August 30, 2009

One of those cards you wish you didn't need to make....

One of my dear friends was just diagnosed with lung cancer. He is the 'Uber Epitome' of health and this just came way out of left field. He's still undergoing tests to see how much/where/what to do next....So I wanted to make something that might give him a little encouragement along the way. Thankfully He serves a God Who is bigger than cancer or anything else the world may throw at him. And if you'd like to rattle Heaven's gates on his behalf along with the rest of us, his name is Ken :)

I used a mustard colored cardstock for the card ( you may recognize this from ALOT of earlier posts :) then layered it with some shiny black scrap, then stamped the new Stampin' Up medallion with mustard ink, then the verse ( I don't know the Co. as I got it UM, but I would venture a guess at Wordsworth..I've had it for years!) and added a ribbon & gold charm. Thanks for looking & praying <><

Friday, August 28, 2009

College Road Trip

Just got home from a family vacation/college freshman delivery/road trip :) I had never been across the states, that far, and we had a wonderful time. My daughter is settling in great at CSP, and my hubby and I are adjusting to being 'empty nesters'...So the thought that kept going through my head as we drove through Idaho, Montana, North Dakota, Minnesota, South Dakota, Wyoming & Washington was this: If Creation is this beautiful, even now, after the Fall and our sin has messed it up- how much more stunningly beautiful WAS it before we messed up ? And how amazing will it be when God creates it all again in the new Heaven and Earth? My mind is fully boggled :) <><