Friday, January 27, 2017


hey there! guess i kinda went 'awol' on my blog....sorry about that. here's my latest Advent offering at church- just took it down yesterday and put up a smaller green one....looking forward to Lent :) you can't see it very well in the photo, but the dark blue swags are actually plastic table cloths- the cheapo ones from the dollar store! they drape very nicely, and of course, cheap is often better in mass quantities :) you also can't see the small mirror tiles i glued to fishing leader, that sparkle in the light. AND the LED star on the very bottom, which was on a timer that i set to come on during the evening services. All very pretty, imho :) there's a whole lotta glittery ribbon on here can always tell when i've been messing around with the centerpiece because it looks like a 
glitter bomb' went off on the floor :)  (and my floor at home, where i rewind the ribbons before storing them.......bonus deal! heh heh) God Bless!