Saturday, February 6, 2010

Who Could Resist This ???

So....I go to a *Stamp Club* once a month just to play with Stampin' Up goodies. When you have your own stamp company (Heart & Soul) you're usually too busy 'making/creating/designing/packing/shipping/you get the picture' stamps that you (I) rarely have the time to just sit and stamp. It's a *Catch 22/shoot yourself in the foot* kinda deal :) Don't get me wrong- I'm not complaining about being blessed with business & *busy-ness* ! But I do miss just sitting and stamping with a group of awesome ladies- especially Diana, my bestest Stampin' Up rep/friend! So I intentionally go every month that I can- *scheduled playtime* as it were :)

We made this beautiful card with those new little plastic pockety thingys ( there's a raspberry filled goodie in that thing!!!) I love using lots of background paper scraps up.....especially since LAST YEAR'S goal of using up scraps is carrying over into 2010 ( and probably 20 years from now :)

There's another card right below this one ><>

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