Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Ash Wednesday...Journeying to the Cross

One of the things I like most about worshipping at a Liturgical church- meaning we celebrate different 'seasons' and changing the art work in the Sanctuary. This is the new Lent 'mobile' we made today- funny but the blue is actually a very beautiful purple (for repentance) and there's black ( our sin) & dark red ( the blood Christ shed ) It's all very stunning in real life, and spins very slowly with the air currents about 30 feet up in the ceiling. Today is Ash Wednesday- the beginning of the Lenten Season - where we prepare our hearts for the journey to the Cross of Christ- and remember that we were created from ashes and our earthly bodies shall return to ashes. Some people like to 'give up' something for Lent- out of reverance, thanksgiving, repentance, whatever....and then think about God when they are NOT doing/having whatever it is they 'gave up'. One year I gave up chocolate. Another coffee. Another dessert. And then I had an 'epiphany'.....there is not a single thing that I could EVER give up that would even come close to what God & Christ gave up for me. So for me, personally, the idea of giving something up is a half-hearted attempt to impress God. I'd rather focus on His mercy, grace, love, forgiveness, redemption & salvation with nothing in the way! But who knows- maybe next year I'll have another 'epiphany' and give up something again. Either way- God loves me :) ><>

P.S.: if you want a funny perspective on 'fasting' during Lent- check out - I love these guys!

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  1. This is beautiful, your art work and your explaination of Lenten Tradition.
    I feel the saem way about "giving up" something. Generally when we give something up it is probably something that is better for us to do without anyway!
    I have decided that it is better to do something extra that shows Faith in Christ and His teachings of Mercy and Forgiveness, Charity. And to spend more time in prayer and reflection of His sacrifice.
    But I am also with you...who know next year I may go back to the old ways to! :)

    Have a Blessed weekend!

    P.S Thank you for becoming my first Blog follower!!
    I'll be posting a new one today!:)


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