Sunday, February 7, 2010

Wasting Time :)

Yesterday I spent more time 'playing' with stuff, than actually 'creating' with stuff. I found these fun glass bottles on a recent scavenger hunt to Goodwill- 24 of them! I knew I'd put something out of the stamp room in them. So I satisfied my 'magpie gene' and put shiny/sparkly confetti in them all :) Of course it took about an hour of messing around...but I like how it looks. MABYE it will inspire me to use more confetti. Probably not. Happy *Super Sunday* ><>


  1. how did your background get red? I was coming over to straighten your jars because I don't want them to fall, and now I'm blinded by the red/purple of 'those' kinds of days...!

  2. What a super find! So what are you going to create with the contents?


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