Friday, February 12, 2010

Be My Valentine....Jesus

This is one of my favorite banners I made for church on one of those years that Valentine's Day fell on a Sunday ( like this year!) :) It's actually made from rubber stamps! I used Heart & Soul stamps on a clear transparency and my faithful helper, the overhead projector...everyone there thinks I'm just THAT GOOD at drawing :) mwahahaha. Painted with acrylics on some inexpensive tablecloth/oilcloth fabric. Voila. I think I'm going to drag it out of the archives (Sacristy) and hang it up for this Sunday! After all.....Jesus is the ULTIMATE Valentine <3 ><>


  1. The banner is Beautiful!
    What a great idea using the overhead projector!
    Love the Hearts and all the color.
    I bet it is gorgeous hanging by the Altar!

    P.S I just started my own blog( a week ago) and the card I am displaying today I used a stamp from your store...I am going to add the link so that hopefully others may find you! Granted I don't have many people to the site yet, but hopefully that will change!
    Have a Blessed week!


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