Wednesday, March 4, 2009

without much hoopla....

There are a bunch of new stamps at Heart & Soul- just posted tonite by my awesome 'webmasterette' Cyndy ( I hope she doesn't mind that I call her that ) and of course I have been so busy redoing the whole catalog and such that I don't actually have any cards made with the new stamps yet ( this is what happens when you turn a hobby into a don't have as much time for the hobby anymore!) So, and even better, trust me, here is a card that Miss Dina posted on Splitcoast recently....I hope you don't mind that I'm sharing it here too Dina :) but this is as close to 'fanfare' as I can offer right now :) Taaadahhhhhh.........


  1. How cute is this! I love Dina's work and how she makes her photos so soft. She has yet to tell me how to do that! ;-)

  2. Thanks Angel, nothing like posting about my shortcomings on other people's blogs! Sooooooo kidding!

    Feel free to post my stuff! I haven't gotten to it yet...loved coloring this kitty and his cutie cutie whiskers.


  3. I'm so excited to hear you have new stamps out, Sue. I'm off to look at them in a minute.

    Dina's card is darling. I love the cat stamp.


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