Monday, March 9, 2009

A Little Irish...

So this time of year I get a little bit 'Irish'....I think I am actually , like, 1/52 Irish by ancestry...but it's always fun to ramp it up a bit once a year ( and who doesn't love another reason to give away chocolate ?! I KNOW!

I collect bookmarks- so I assume everyone else likes them too, I guess. This Irish Blessing is from 'My Sentiments Exactly' and I doodled around it with a gold pen, then layered it with some greens (you may recognize this paper from my Christmas cards....still trying to use it up :) The shamrock sticker was from Walmart, I think, and I put it inside of a plastic pretzel rod bag...because believe it or not there are actually people who do not appreciate glitter in their books! Too much fun :) and of course my friends will love the mint truffle Hershey's kiss that comes with it :) <><


  1. With this stamp in mind, you have got to see this card:
    Love it.

  2. What a beautiful bookmark, Sue! This reminds me that I need to make St. Patrick's Day cards with my stamps from your company. : ) I almost let the day sneak up on me.


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