Saturday, February 14, 2009

God is good...all the time..... memorial service was really good. I remember thinking to myself while we were playing "what IS that sound"????? and then I's PEOPLE CLAPPING to the beat! ( we're still learning this in my own congregation...heheheh) so it is do-able....I was so blessed to be a part of it...with my beautiful daughter standing in front playing her heart out too :) and the family said they were blessed too. So God is good...all the time....and I only started to 'tear up' once when we played the part of the song...'the God who gives and takes away'......I AM the designated cryer at our church :) Have a great Valentine's Day....and remember the ULTIMATE VALENTINE: John 3:16 <><


  1. Now you have me curious what songs were played...?

  2. Was it Blessed Be the Lord? I LOVE LOVE LOVE that song. And it seems we have something in common...I am the designated cry-baby at my church, too...and in my family, etc! ;0)

  3. yes indeed....Blessed Be Your Name, Shout to the Lord, My Life is in You Lord, Lord of the Dance, Your Grace is Enough, and Trading My Sorrows...all great songs for a Celebration of Life!

  4. OHHH yes, god is good...all the time!!!
    Greatings of germany.

  5. Thank you, thank you for following Women to Women: Sharing Jesus! That allowed me to follow you here to your blog. I love it. And thanks for putting our WTW blog badge on your blog. How thrilling to see it here.

    Your creations are wonderful, I'm so thrilled to find you. Love how you are infusing Jesus into your blog. I'll be back! Blessings to you, sister!


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