Monday, March 23, 2009

An AWESOME evening of worship.....


What a night! Went with my daughter's youth group to this- I'ma HUGE Mercy Me & Jeremy Camp fan :) and it was absolutely awesome- the line to get in was about 5 city blocks long x 50 feet wide! $10 tickets and the Memorial Coliseum was sold out! 11,000 people on their feet praising God. Just a tiny foretaste of the things to come, I believe :) So a big thanks to Bart Millard (MM) for following his heart and putting it together. Hawk Nelson, Tenth Avenue North & Addison Road were awesome too. Go if it comes to a city near you :) You'll be forever blessed. <><


  1. Hi! I'm Jenny's mom....from Addison Road....! I can remeber taking her to concerts when she was young. I was REALLY blessed because I wasn't just her mom, I was also her youth minister, so I got to watch her grow up in the Lord. Now SHE'S on the stage, with my first grandbaby growing inside of her.....WOW! If you get a chance, read her blog.

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