Friday, April 3, 2009

"Oh the Places You'll Go and the Things You'll See"......*Dr. Seuss*

So...I don't get out much- I've lived in the same beautiful general area all my "half century+"....but on the rare occasion I DO slip out of the box it's usually been thanks to one of my awesome children (!) I've been to Honolulu & Disney World as a chaperone for my son's amazing high school jazz band-yay Falcons! for example. Stuff I probably never would have gotten to see and do otherwise.....

This week I had the joy & privilege of travelling to Minneso-tah with my darling daughter to 'check out' Concordia St.Paul (she loved it!- go Bears!) and while we were there we did some 'touristy' stuff too. So now I can check the Mall of America off of my 'bucket list'.LOVED the Lego & Beadnick stores :) Drove around St.Paul and saw the amazing cathedral- next time we may go INSIDE :)

..and one of my personal fave destination myself some souvenir drumsticks :) uhhmm...

....drove over the Mississippi a few times- still icy around the edges....

oh yeah...and ARCHIVERS!- another 'bucket list' item checkeroonied.

It was a full four days :)

I am blessed. <>< daughter in *shoe heaven*

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