Wednesday, March 16, 2011

so sad.

I've really been trying to think of something *profound* to say about the events in Japan....because it can't just be ignored...but *profound* isn't I'll have to settle for *heartfelt*. My heart is just broken for the Japanese people and all they are going through. My prayer is that God would reveal Himself to them in a Mighty way- that the Holy Spirit's Presence would be undeniably felt in that country! That He would make the paths straight for relief efforts, that many souls would be won through the love and compassion of Christians helping out, and that something *good* would come from all of the tragedy- as only God can do ><>

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  1. I too am saddened by the events in Japan and cannot for the life of me even conceive in my mind what they are going through. I too have nothing profound that I can say....I can only pray for them and today for the first time I saw pictures from Hawaii.. They too need our prayers. God please help them all


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