Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Ash Wednesday

"From dust we dust we shall return" I LOVE the Lenten season! ( and not because purple is the *official* color :) And not because our church has awesome soup suppers before the midweek service (ok, ya got me there.) It's a soup smorgasborg <3. But I love the chance to intentionally focus on walking to the cross with my Reedemer and Savior. For years I *gave something up* for Lent- you know- did without something for six weeks that I normally enjoyed, and when I thought about that thing I was doing without, I would think about Jesus. As I've gotten older (not necessarily wiser or more mature:) I've come to the astounding realization that NOTHING I could ever give up would even be light years close to what Jesus gave up for me! Plus, was I giving it up for the right reason anyway? While I'm sure Jesus appreciated my *good intentions* and loves me anyway, He probably wished that my heart was in the right place. So, really long story short: My focus during Lent is not what I can give up, but what HE GAVE UP FOR ME- HIS VERY LIFE BLOOD. This card sits on my desk as a daily reminder to be thankful- especially during Lent :) I used the 'grass' Fiskars texture plate because it reminds me of thorns. Images are Heart & Soul. May God bless your 40 days of walking with Him to Calvary. ><>

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