Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Music Updated :)

So...I think it's been forever ago since I *tweaked* my song playlist.....so I've added quite a few more of my favorites :) Hope you enjoy listening.....did you know that you can *minimize* my blog (when you're done reading it, of course! hahahaha) and the music will still play while you're looking at other things ? :) just a hint! And it only becomes slightly annoying if something else has music playing too- kind of a *mashup* - if you're a *Gleek* like me, you'll get that :) Jammin' for Jesus ><>
PS- if you scroll down to the end of the page you can actually see the songlist- if there's a song you want to hear you can 'click' on it and it should play :) How fun is that ?????

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