Thursday, April 29, 2010

Thankful for His Promises!

We had a pretty wild weather day here in the beautiful Pacific NW- nothing in comparison to the Midwest definition of *wild*- but still pretty awesome. I'm a *weather watcher*- love watching storms, clouds, rainbows, etc. etc. God really puts on a display :) Today we had beautiful billowy clouds with silver linings, black ominous clouds, about an inch of hail ( my poor baby flowers! ) and this most awesome rainbow...I just can't help but say a thankful prayer everytime I see a rainbow: thankful for what an amazing thing it is, in and of itself, thankful for the eyes to see the beauty of it, and especially thankful that Scripture tells us that it's a reminder of God's Promise to us, that He would never flood the earth again (and thereby watching over us and caring for us forever :) At one point it was even a *double* bow across the sky.

I love it when you can see both ends! If I had a wider angle lens, I could have gotten the whole thing! Have a beautiful day- resting in the Promise of God ><>


  1. Thanks for sharing God's beautiful creation and your thoughts.

  2. The other day there was a rainbow here - straight overhead, and upsidedown - like a U...we were playing volleyball but between every play I'd look up at it. I wonder if it had been clearer if we could have seen a whole circle there. It was really unusual!


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