Thursday, April 1, 2010

A Double Post Today :)

First- I wanted to share a little about Maundy Thursday: "The word 'Maundy' comes from the Latin word for commandment, mandatum. This is a special day for Christians. It is the day when we remember the Last Supper, the agony in the garden of Gethsemane and the arrest and trial of Jesus. The Last Supper is a key event for Christians. It was at this Last Supper which Jesus shared with his disciples that he changed the words of the traditional Passover meal and commanded his followers to break and eat bread and drink wine in his memory. This act of remembrance is known as the Eucharist, Holy Communion, Mass or The Lord's Supper." (definition taken from He also washed the disciples' feet as an example of how we should humble ourselves & serve others.(When I was little- I thought it was called Monday Thursday :)

Secondly - These are some fun paperweights that I made this week- bought the glass tiles online awhile ago- Ebay maybe?- and stamped 'joy' in the corner of some background paper squares. Cut them out and stuck to the back of the tiles with Diamond Glaze stuff. I think they would even be good magnets, but you'd need a pretty hefty magnet to hold them up! Here's a closer look:

Lord- I want to be Your servant and do Your Will- may it be so this Maundy Thursday and every day of my life :) ><>

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