Sunday, November 2, 2008

TA DAH !!!

First, let me start by saying how awesome stamping people are!I always new it- this just reinforces it....When I had this 'overstock sale' idea, I was so excited about it that the 'downturn' in the economy hadn't been in the forefront of my mind....(not a whole lot of things can make it all the way up there...heheheh) I appreciate that $$ is hard to come by, and EXTRA $$ IS EVEN HARDER TO SCRAPE UP! That being said: 26 of you took the leap of faith and ordered anyway! ( and Kay R. is the 'secret contest' winner- be watching your mailbox Kay :) What I assumed would be a blessing to others, has blessed ME beyond measure. (That's the 'strange economics of grace' in a nutshell :) ) I was so encouraged by all of your emails and birthday wishes. (51! yikes) You gals rock ! ( and I can say gals because the men folks all passed on this opportunity...musta been out in the garage or something...) So our grand total for the month is $463.00 ! and I will 'round it up' to $500 and send a check out tomorrow to the Lutheran Church Missouri Synod Hurricane Relief Fund. I really can't thank you all enough...NOW GO GET STARTED ON THOSE CHRISTMAS CARDS!!! heheheh....P.S. I'm sure that if you all get to 'comparing' you'll find that almost everyone received a 'garden verse' stamp- I have no idea how I ended up with so many of those! P.S.S.- and you all probably think I can't count :) God Bless you as you stamp for Him :) Oh yeah- about the card- One of my personal H & S favorites! Most of my cards have some kind of 'fiber' attached- and I'm into 'tearing' these days...nothing really amazing about it but I like it :)


  1. Sue - I'm so thankful! Thanks for sharing. Wow, $463...that means almost 1000 stamps...when you overstock you really overstock, huh! Thanks for the blessing you are to me - glad I could return a little blessing to you. Hugs!!


  2. yeah- this is the first real sale I've had in 12 years! so some of the stuff was really stockpiled :) I have some breathing room in the filing drawers now....I promise I won't wait so long next time :) You bless me too <3

  3. Sue, that is great! Wish I could have done more...but it was just an "off" payweek for me...bills in every direction...LOL.

    I will keep my eyes peeled for my new stash of stamps! Thanks again, and God bless!


  4. I'm so glad I found you & your company, Sue! ;-D

  5. I LOVE this card - so pretty, plus my daughter's name is "Autumn" so it's extra special!

    Jen Harper


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