Tuesday, November 18, 2008

More Blessings...

I love it when you guys send me cards made with Heart & Soul stamps- there are so many amazingly talented & gifted stampers! I tend to get in a stamping 'rut' where most of my cards look somewhat the same....mind you, a 'stamping rut' is better than most any other rut you could fall into.....but I digress :) So I've picked out one that I especially liked- this comes from Michelle Adams- a really cute card made from another of my personal favorites- I love how she masked & colored this one into a whole forest of Christmas love.....Thanks Michelle for the blessing! <>< Sue

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  1. So so SO glad you liked my card, Sue! I so much appreciate you - and your company! (I especially love all of the terrific images and Bible quotes you offer!!!)
    ;0) Hugs!


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