Tuesday, November 4, 2008

The Check's in the Mail ! :)

Hey everyone! Just a quick note to say your donations are on their way! You may find out more about where they're headed by going to ; www.txdistlcms.com or www.lcms.org/worldrelief - here's some other numbers if you want even more information....Hurricane Relief 2008, LCMS World Relief & Human Care, P.O. Box 66861, St. Louis, Mo 63166-6861 toll free: 888-930-4438 or http://givenowlcms.org Phew! And on this Election Day 2008 I would like to quote one of my 'edgier' stamps: "God has already blessed America- how about if America blesses God?" My prayer for this day is that God's Will would be done, and the leader He blesses would be elected. Did you vote yet?????????


  1. I thank God for your generous sale for the hurricane victims. So many of them fall through the cracks and don't get the help they need.

    I voted! As one of your stamps says, "If you don't bother to vote,
    Don't bother to complain..." : )

  2. Just found your blog.... and of course it's too late for me to participate, but what a wonderful & generous opportunity that you made available to the stamping community!! May God bless you as you have honored Him in this way!!!


  3. Sue, my stamps arrived today...in record time, I might add! Thank you very much! I was past pleased. I was delightedly slaphappy...LOL.

    thanks again!


    PS--I still have not heard from that girl who was trying to email you. If I do, I will let you know!

  4. Sue, You're Such A Blessing! I came across your Relef Fund Efforts on SCS forum. Thanks so much for your willingness to bless others and allowing us to participate in this wonderful opportunity. When I took the package of stamps out of my mailbox around 9 pm, I spent the next 2 hours stamping and organizing them. I could not believe the clarity of the stamped images. I was amazed at the quality and quantity of the stamps and the fast ship. Thanks so much for the great selection of scripture stamps. It seemed that God was encouraging me as I was stamping these scriptures. May God continue to bless you and your family in everything that you pursue. Yes, Heart and Soul RubberStamps is now one of my favorite stamp companies. Last but not least, you blessed me with a special gift. I am the secret contest winner. I love it and cannot wait to use it. Again, Many Blessings to you :)!!

    "He who refreshes others will himself be refreshed." Proverbs 11:25


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