Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Well THIS makes things easier!

Bought this little gem from Oriental Trading Co. awhile back- just used it this evening for the first time and BOY O BOY does it make charm bracelets easier to do! I'm making some things to put on a friend's table at a local *recycling fair*- this bracelet is made of old Starbucks cards that I cut up, sanded the edges, added an eyelet to each piece, and attached with jump rings. This is my first copper charm bracelet- I think I like it! (Gee...maybe it won't sell....heheheh) There's some 'coffee bean looking' beads, and a lampworked mug on the end. Here's a closer view of the charms & beads....
Hmmn...I'm feeling the need for some java :) ><>

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