Friday, May 14, 2010

Happy Birthday Cyndy :)

Tonite we celebrated my *webmasterette's* birthday at Chevy's- totally a spur of the moment/last minute plan- those seem to work best for the DH & I :) Great conversation/awesome food...and we resisted the urge to let the cat out of the bag and make her wear the floppy sombrero :) (you're welcome, girlfriend :) Made her some CAS note cards in a bunch of colors...SU tree, my own stash for the rest. I did that little line-around-the-edges-with-a-hash-mark-and-dots thingy that I love to do. Just adds a little sumpin' sumpin'. Half the fun of making stamps is...well..making stamps of anything you want- including my friend's names. Makes a fun gift for them, and I use them over & over again personalizing stuff for them :)

Here's the whole rainbow! ><>

P.S.- I would truly be lost without Cyndy's website maintenance! I am ever thankful for her :)

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  1. WoWzA, this set is gorgeous! Who wouldn't want to receive this cheery rainbow of fabulousness!?!


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