Saturday, May 22, 2010

Blocks of Fun :)

This is a fun project I made for my lovely *probable daughter-in-law* :) I mean almost 100% certain....but there's no pressure :) anyway....she had commented awhile back that she really liked the blocks I had made- so of course I ran with the idea and made her a whole bunch!!! I cut the blocks from a long square piece of wood, and went to the scrap drawer for background papers in *their* colors. The letters were all on a 12 x 12 sheet I have hoarded/saved forever- just perfect! I sanded the edges down with a nail file ( my favorite distressing tool!) and tada. I made enough to spell out Merry Christmas, their names, i love you, peace, welcome home,joy and the rest are random letters so they can spell out whatever they want.Here's a real block's eye view:
She loved them :) ><>


  1. They look fabulous! What a super gift!!!

  2. WoWzA, these are fabulous! Where did you get the letters? What a great gift ... I love this idea!

    Sending hugs!!


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