Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Ash Wednesday

"Lent" the journey begin :) Today we commemorate Ash Wednesday- with soup! and fellowship, and journey to the Cross. Pastor is leading us in a study of prayer at our Wednesday evening services, and Sundays. So looking forward to learning more. Even at my *advanced* age, I'm learning new things from Pastor Brian. Truly a Good Shepherd with a heart for Jesus. We are so blessed.
So here's the first in this year's offering for the Sanctuary mobile. I plan to add to it every week, so I started 'small' and simpler. I found some purple sheer curtains at the Goodwill and those are the 4 main fabrics, with some purple ribbons for texture. Will try to take a better photo next week :) 
On another note- some fun things to look at on pertaining to Ash Wednesday and Lent :)  I'm going to "get my ash in church" tonight :)

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