Thursday, November 5, 2015

a long awaited finish

I am celebrating. after 40 years of pack ratting Christmas fabric (over 150 different ones. ahem. ) and procrastination, half a dozen design changes, months driving my family and friends bonkers talking about it, and a few solid weeks of actually cutting and sewing it is finished and on the bed- ready for the next layer of cat hair. It actually took me longer to see this to fruition than it did to raise two kids. I'm pretty excited about how it turned out (thanks to the ladies at Just For Fun quilting who machine quilted it for me, and got the wave pattern exactly how I imagined it ) Christmas is coming a weeeeee bit earlier than usual in one corner of the house. wooooo and hoooooo :) it's funny how accomplished i feel from simply sewing material together in a straight line. 

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