Thursday, June 18, 2015

more *ordinary* :)

here's a follow up from the previous post- and a fun story to boot. normally I hang a swag on the large cross in the front of our Sanctuary, using a telescoping fiberglass pole- all very handy 20 feet up in the air :) BUT THIS TIME my "epic pole handling skills" seriously failed me. Imagine a 40 pound Marlin on the end of a 20 foot pole, and weaving around on the altar between candelabras, mic stands, the drum kit, cords get the picture. I just couldn't get it to *swag* like it should. So I left it dangling weirdly , called my worship leader ( who is awesome and willing to get on a tall ladder) and asked him to *fix it* for me. Of course, this was Saturday. Oy Vey. Bless his heart ~ he made it look better than I ever could have. Amen! 

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