Saturday, June 13, 2015

a season of growth in the church

So now we enter the *Ordinary Time* of the church year (which I call *green season*) .....the time after Pentecost when the church grew exponentially larger as the disciples spread the Good News :) Here's my offering for the Sanctuary mobile this year. I got the idea from Pinterest- here's the original pin . I had lots of fun collecting wooden embroidery hoops from my favorite store ( goodwill) and bought six different colors of tissue paper. I learned that they are superduperfragile ( and had to redo one that my cat attacked. argh.)  In case you're wondering....there are about 100 circles, strung together with fishing line, different on each side. I'm hoping that they are so lightweight that the air currents will gently spin them around.

On a *side note*.....if you came here from Pinterest.....PLEASE know that I don't actually consider MY creations to be Liturgically Awesome :) I was so excited when I started finding banners and church decorations on Pinterest  I started that board because I thought the art was awesome! But then I started pinning my own stuff on there, so it would be in good company :) Trust me, the only thing awesome about me is Christ :) 


  1. Gorgeous...and yes we have an awesome God!

  2. God has blessed you with a creative gift that shows in your beautiful mobile.
    Thanks for your post.


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