Sunday, March 8, 2015

some days.......

you know, there are some days when I think to myself, how could this day get any better? today is panning out to be just that. i have the absolute joy of playing on the worship team with the most amazing people, and we rocked the house for Jesus today ( at least, it sounded that way from behind the drums :) our new Pastor is just a refreshing, humble, sold out to Jesus Shepherd.....the sun is shining, it's a glorious day.....a nice lunch out with my hubby and MIL, a *daylight saving time nap* ( which, i will milk that excuse for the next two weeks, at least :) , the joy of meeting one of my stamp customers and finding out that we have very much in common.....not the least of things, purple :) and a get together with our small group tonight. i am so thankful for so many blessings in my life- evident on a daily basis. so how's YOUR day going? 

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