Wednesday, March 4, 2015

"Jelly fish" Part 3 :)

This week got a little more 'purple'. I tucked up the black in the center and surrounded it with some shimmery purple fabric. Four more dowel 'spokes' were added, with strips of purple scrapbook paper draped from them. A few more ribbons and some wide purple yarn I got on clearance add to it all. I just found out that the choir is singing "The Weeping Tree" on Good Friday- our Worship leader created an amazing tree for the altar the last time they did it, and he was excited that there were branches on the mobile to tie it all together :)  ( which I gleaned from my MIL'S property- they look pretty gnarly!) Next week's 'plan - in - my - head' includes a twist back to a more 'sin focused' theme. Stay tuned :) 

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