Thursday, February 26, 2015

"Jelly fish" part 2 :)

This week, the words 'repent, return, renew, & reflect were added on small strips of craft paper ( which is actually a roll of paint masking paper I found at the Goodwill!) I should have printed them in black ink- they would have shown up better......trying to conserve ink. Also lots of crosses went up, and some of that black netting that you make poofy wreaths out of. I thought it would be neat, but it was kind of a pain to make it lay flat and not roll back up. Stay tuned for next week's addition :)
This is in the Narthex/entryway of the church. The cross is the same one we cover with flowers on Easter Sunday :) This is my first time using candles with timers ~ now THAT was a useful discovery! TTFN~

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