Thursday, June 30, 2011

windchimes sun catcher :)

I found these fused glass pieces guessed it....Goodwill. They were apparently a windchime *kit* that someone had given up on. I started to string them on fishing line, but discovered that the glass shapes were pretty sharp where the line would come in contact with them, so I figured they would just break right away from the friction in the wind. So....I used light gage wire instead, and decided to string beads on the wire ( to hide it too) and of course with all that extra weight...there's not a whole lot of wiggle room for the wind to do it's thing :( so NOW I have a really big ol' sun catcher on my back porch. What I can't decide is if it's just uber too much and hideous, or really colorful and beautiful! Considering the fact that I have alot of hours invested in it....I'm going with the second choice! ><>

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