Friday, June 24, 2011

*Upcycled* Glass :)

This was so much fun! I saw these at a recycled art fair a few years ago and of course decided that *I could make those* so I started collecting pretty glassware at garage sales and my favorite recycler, Goodwill :) My DH drilled holes in the centers of all the bowls & plates ( we did have a fair amount of *casualties* - glass does not particularly LIKE being drilled! But it's doable. And my initial investment was pretty minimal :) Then I bought some glass paints at the craft store ( I'm sure there are better quality ones out there- I just went the least expensive route- as usual ) I painted the backs of the glass, then covered the paint with a clear coat sealer. Mounted on a pole, and voila. This is my favorite one- if you look closely there are two similar glass pieces. I put it near my front steps behind my favorite flower- heliotrophe ><>


  1. This is sooo gorgeous, Sue!!! I LOVE it. It tempts me to make one, but I promised myself I wouldn't get into making anything else.... for now. :)

  2. Okay, now I have hubby curious about these beauties, Sue. lol Is this made with two or three glass bowls/plates? Any drilling tips besides buying extra glassware?

    Also, I don't see the other two you mentioned in your message.



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