Wednesday, February 16, 2011

just how does one color an angel ????

This is one of the new images from Heart & Soul. I love her! But coloring is not my strong suit on a good day- let alone trying to do *justice* to a Heavenly Being! I know that when we actually see one some day- we will be blown away by their beauty- colors & patterns & textures our human eyes have yet to see :) So for now- this is my best guess- I'm pretty sure there will be some purple in my angel :) I added some pearls and a spritz of shimmering mist.

Here's the inside - although the front looks like a 'baby shower' card! it was meant to be a friendship card :) Verse is Heart & Soul too :) ><>


  1. Love this image. That is a good question. How do you color an angel? Can't wait until I can order mine. That's top on my wish list.

  2. Very pretty!!! It reminds me of stained glass. It's a beautiful stamp.


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