Tuesday, August 31, 2010

you're welcome pooh :)

To say that I have a *thing* for Winnie the Pooh would be...well....a 'smackeral' of an understatement! I think it started when my oldest was young and we'd watch the newer Disney cartoons together. He grew out of it...but apparently I never will :) The words are from the newest 'batch' of Heart & Soul, and the bear himself is a 'vintage' All Night Media stamp. Who knows how old it is- I've been stamping over 25 years and I think it's one of my first ones. Can't remember where the honeycomb background is from- got it UM at a convention years ago. A little ribbon, CB, and a bee button and 'ta dah' ><>

ps- and this just confirms it for you, if you had ANY doubt whatsoever, that watercoloring is NOT my forte' :)

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