Saturday, August 14, 2010

More Chunky Marble Goodness :)

I have to ask myself *WHY* am I knitting a scarf in 95* weather ???? But here's the proof that I do quirky things sometimes :) I just can't sit and watch tv without doing something while I'm hibernating in the house where it's cool while we have a mini-heat wave*, I whipped out another beauty on the *knifty knitter* loom :) I just loooove this chunky marble yarn- only takes 1 skein to make a nice length scarf, and the color combinations are like no other I've seen in varigation. Got 1 more in the wings to start soon. ><>

*mini-heat wave: here in the great Pacific Northwest, they don't usually last longer than a week, don't get much over 100*, and usually cool off nicely in the evenings! We are blessed :)

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  1. The colors are so rich and yummy, Sue. It's beautiful!


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