Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Christmas Reflection.....

I have this sweet little pink dogwood tree in my front yard- a housewarming gift when we moved in a few years ago - that I just can't resist hanging things on :) In Spring, it becomes an Easter tree with plastic eggs. I found these awesome plastic (therefore lightweight....don't wanna strain the little Charlie Brown tree!) ornaments at Goodwill (yay for *thrifting* :) I think I got the whole big bag for under $3.00...and as I was hanging them on the tree on a sunny day, I was suprised at how much the facets *sparkled* - "pretty nice for cheap plastic" I say to myself.
And then one evening after dark, I notice that they are STILL sparkling with the reflection from the yard lights! A beautiful bonus deal, I'd say :) The icing on the Christmas cake came one day when there was a knock at my door and a lovely lady asking if she could take pictures of my ornament tree- she introduced herself as an amateur photographer and said she was driving by and was taken by the look of the sparkly ornaments! So there are at least 2 of us out there who like goofy stuff like this :) Thank you, kind lady, for affirming my quirkyness! <><


  1. Let's make that three ... !

    What a great find! Your photo looks wonderful!

  2. Love it! I too am attracted to bright shiny objects!


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