Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Scrap Blocks

I *found* these wood blocks in the bottom of a box of (hoarded) craft goodies in my closet. Who knows why/what/when I got them for. Probably on sale somewhere :) So I covered them with more scraps, sanded all the edges for a distressed look, then added the letters- some are stickers, some are chipboard that I painted & resanded. I added some snowflake shineyness here and there. I had enough left over to spell out LOVE :) which is really....what Christmas is all about <><


  1. Love these blocks. I too find myself finding things that I have no idea when or why I bought them. Must be a crafter thing.

  2. Very nice! Now I need to find some on sale! LOL :)

  3. LOVE 'em! They're so cute .. love the distressing!

    And what a great "find" ... in your own stampin' room! LOL, I do that all the time. But I usually don't realize it until I've bought a replacement ... then the original shows up!

    It's definitely a crafter/stamper/hoarder thang!


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